1. You Are You

You Are You

Written & performed by Ian O'Sullivan

You are you

The future is yours

Your destiny is your own

You are not a cog in a wheel

A toy to be trifled with

To be used up and thrown away

A commodity to be consumed

You are the all

A starchild, born of the universe

Kin to a billion suns and everything in between

A being of light with stars in your eyes and the power to change it all

You are not a slave

And you have no master

No man has dominion over you

No right to determine your fate

To tell you what to believe

And when to kneel

Learn to know yourself
You are you

a final warning

2. Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

Words & music by Ian O'Sullivan

I’ve got a feeling that they don’t like our class

They just don’t understand that we don’t wear their trash

Hell we don’t care as we slam at this rock’n’roll ball

We do as we please and we mean what we say


Free Your Mind!

Say what you wanna say

Free Your Mind!

Hear what you wanna hear

Free Your Mind!

Feel what you wanna feel

Free Your Mind!

Never let ‘em keep you down

Stand up!

The house is rocking and we can go all night

Turn up the music, we love it loud and proud

Lost in the zone as we thrash at this Headbanger's Ball

We do as we please and we mean what we say


hypocrisy of democracy

3. Enemy Maker

Enemy Maker

Words & music by John A.B.C. Smith

You say that you want me

You hope it will do

That sooner or later

My soul belongs to you

You’re the devil in person

Looking back for sympathy

You canvass for violence

Another face in the crowd

Tell me…YEAH!

Enemy Maker

Why don’t you leave me alone?

I know that you want me

But my soul is my own

Don’t you know that on good ground

Bad seed cant’t be sown?

You’re an evil creation

And I don’t need your fortune and fame

I’ve got rock’n’roll salvation

Don’t you dare to call my name!

Enemy Maker

You better leave me alone!

it is for those...to stand up for their rights!

4. Final Destination

Final Destination

Words by Ian O'Sullivan and John A.B.C. Smith. Music by John A.B.C. Smith and Eddie Van Dahl

We’re falling through the cracks in time

Out of sight and out of mind

Wandering in the wasteland of the night

I stare into the sky above;

Where’s the peace and where’s the love?

Will we touch the stars before we go?

There’s no return!


It’s the Final Destination

And outside of our control

On a path to termination

Take a deep look at your soul

Walk into eternity

Uncertain where the path may lead

Deaf and blind we try to guide the blind to the edge of time

Like soldiers standing side by side

Moving forward line by line

Never seek to reason why we die

It’s a crying shame!


We’re holding on to what we can

As we try to find our way again

Our only hope for life is sailing away to the great beyond

We’ve never been so alone

We know not now which way to turn

The sun will set one final time

Our mother breathes her last and dies

And we must reach the other side

Chorus x 2

spiral of violence

5. Games Without Frontiers

Games Without Frontiers

Words by John A.B.C. Smith and Ian O'Sullivan. Music by John A.B.C. Smith

Time is short and you’ve none to lose

You better forge your plans today

Keep moving on, don’t dwell on the past

You need no book to show you the way

Don’t trust the media, the stories they tell

They’re in cahoots with the powers to be

Don’t even ask where the truth lies

Everybody knows but no one wants to see!


They will never ever let you go

They want your mind and your heart and your soul

And I want you!

A dying world that has no more to give

They won’t allow one of your kind to live

And I want you!


These are Games Without Frontiers

There’s no point in holding back the final years

These are Games Without Frontiers

And it’s best to carry on and face your fears

These are Games Without Frontiers

Where all common sense and reason disappears

These are Games Without Frontiers

Where the only thing you find is blood and tears!

You could say it’s a part of a game

Another act in a meaningless show

Pay no heed as they planted a seed

That’s giving life to your angst as it grows

Tow the line, we’re all doing fine

In the circle of the lewd and obscene

A web of lies that you’ll realize

And only then will you know what I mean


6. The All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye

Words & music by Mark Cross and John A.B.C. Smith

See me smile upon you

I am the creator of time

I’m the one to tell you

When to sleep and when to die

See me smile upon you

I’m the holder of time

I’m the one to tell you

When to step out of the line

Total running time: 21.18


7. Before The Fall

Before The Fall

Words & music by Ian O'Sullivan

Out where the stars collide

Across a cold divide

We hold a mirror to our fears

If we could only see

The way to set us free

Is to believe that we’re alone, but not lost!

And we know our time will come in the end

So we must build our future now - no need to repent

Look at this world we’re living in

Where we keep hope alive

But how long can we stem the tide

Before the Fall?

We’re walking blindly through the storm

Misled at every turn

By those who wish to steal our dreams

And feed us hate


And the world is turning still

And we bide our time until

Till we say goodbye forever

And the world is turning still

While we feed the urge to kill

In the name of God or what we choose to believe

You think your cause gives you the right

A way to satisfy

A need to fill the well of pain - to any end

Tell me, do you truly believe

In your blood sacrifice?

Or do you see it for what it is:

A deadly game?


And we know our time will come in the end

So we must build our future now - no need to repent


8. The Replicant

The Replicant

Words by Ian O'Sullivan. Music by Ian O'Sullivan & John A.B.C. Smith

Tell me am I a man or am I just a cold machine?

Is this who we are?

What does it mean to be a human being?

Who gave you the right to have the power of life and death

To take away my final breath?

There’s nothing more for me to say

But you don’t hear me anyway


I’m caught on the outside

I’m caught in a dream

I’m caught on the outside

Out where nothing is real

I’m caught on the outside

I’m caught in a dream

I’m caught on the outside

Can you tell me what is real?

Tell me can I know love or am I programmed what to feel?

Are my memories my own or are they just a replayed movie reel?

In my bed at night, do I dream of electric sheep,

Or do I cry myself to sleep?

There’s nothing more for me to say

But you don’t hear me anyway


Tell me are you a man?

Are you the God that lives in me?

Can it be we’re the same,

Both born from dust with death in every gene?

As I lay down the fight

I can leave without regret

For I know the time is set

It’s such a shame that I can’t live

I’ve got so much more to give

But then no one’s built to last

We’re lost forever in the past


Total running time: 20.47


Produced and mixed by John A.B.C. Smith

Engineered by Robert Anzolin and God’s Army

Cover illustration by Ian O'Sullivan, based on a concept by Mark Cross

Cover design and layout by Miriam Tolba

God's Army would like to thank the following:

Martin Sosna, Robert Anzolin, Hanno Kerstan, Don Amiro, Ralle ER KARR, Miriam Tolba, Michael O'Sullivan


John A.B.C. Smith

Lead and harmony vocals, bass guitar, lead & rhythm guitars, keyboards

Mark Cross

Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Eddie Van Dahl

Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Ian O'Sullivan

Lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals,

Special guest appearance by Hanno Kerstan on Before The Fall